dsc_1080-0189762192.jpegdsc_1074-011034112238.jpegdsc_1075-01966203705.jpegdsc_1077-01327512564.jpegEn ajoutant un groupe frontale de lentille récupéré d’une ancienne optique d’une camera de surveillance devant l’optique de mon Sony Xperia Z5, voilà à quoi j’arrive. Un non sense pour beaucoup, mais moi j’adore la bricole…. Et vous , vous en pensez quoi?

By adding a front group of lenses recovered from an old optics of a surveillance camera in front of the optics of my Sony Xperia Z5, that’s what I’m coming to. A nonsense for many, but I love the tidy …. And you, what do you think?

2 thoughts on “Proxy.

    1. I was always a little bit frustrated not to be able to approach some things, to have more detail and cropping the image made me lose detail, while there I can take small things without problem.
      But it’s not so easy to be stable with a smartphone. It’s complicated to have the point in the right place and not having a blur of shake.

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